Welcome to Soufriere Hills Corporation Ltd. Soufriere Hills Corporation is the leading company in the processing and distribution of volcanic by-products such as Volcanic sand, ash, and aggregate. Additionally we are in the process of excavating and packaging of perlite and vermiculite for wholesale and retail distribution globally.

Soufriere Hills Corporation is located on the island of Montserrat , also known as the “Emerald Isle ” in the Caribbean. Montserrat was devastated by the Soufriere hills volcano in 1995. Since then there has been a transformation of the island. We have been driven in bringing new economic development, jobs, and growth for an extremely fertile island with endless possibilities. Since the rebirth in the north end of the island and new jobs being produced in development, we continue to be a major contributor to the cause.

The company was formed under the ideals of becoming environmentally friendly. We are utilizing a product that is formed from the earth to be placed back in to it (i.e. land-fill restoration, construction and horticultural purposes). This not only creates a minimal byproduct but also allows this to be used in abundance.